One Final Stroll


After a sweet summer, our doors are finally closing. This final season has passed in a blur of well-wishers and kindred spirits gracing our farm for one last look. We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our first-time visitors and all those who came back time after time. It has been our deepest joy to share with you our love for things of the past! Our building restorations, repurposed projects, and outdoor grounds have been a labor of love. We are sincerely grateful for all of our guests over the past 11 years who chose to make Crooked Willow a daytime destination with friends.

Crooked Willow has been the destination of a lifetime for our family. We have been blessed to pursue this dream and to do it together. From young children picking weeds in the garden to helpful husbands maintaining the grounds and dear grandparents finding and fixing antiques, this business has been the bountiful harvest of many hands. My sweet Mama is too humble to accept any praise for her labors, but her courage and perseverance in pursuing this dream of hers is a testament of her strong faith. Both of my parents have sacrificed summer vacations, weekends off, the modest security of typical employment, and privacy of home to sustain Crooked Willow. But they wouldn’t have it any other way!

It is our hope that you have been blessed by your time at Crooked Willow, whether it was simply for one afternoon or a tradition of many summers. We hope that you continue to pursue your love of vintage and antique treasures. As my Mama once said about our little store, “We meet so many wonderful, dear people here every day who share their story with us. They’ll see something that will remind them of growing up or something their mom or grandma had. They’re those special things that warm your heart and don’t have a dollar value! You’re bringing a little joy to someone else’s life through their memories.” And truly, what is an antique but a remembrance of dear days gone by?

A house full of antiques reminds us of the good that has always been and always will be found at the place our memories are most heartfelt: Home. – Kate

3 Responses to One Final Stroll

  • See you soon We are on our way!

    • Congratulations to you on your eleven years in business!!! Beautiful memories created and shared by a beautiful family … Wishing you the best in where ever your new journey takes you <3 Love you <3 <3 <3 Auntie Sharon

  • Well said Katie! A lot of people will miss ” Crooked Willow ” but will have fond memories of this wonderful farm❤️❤️❤️

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