August at Grandma’s House

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When I was younger, I hated the feeling of Sundays in August. For me, it was the epitome of emotional dehydration, or “the depths of despair”, as Anne of Green Gables would say. August is such a melancholy month. Summer is beginning to wind down and our world notices – the days are less humid and muggy, sunsets anxiously arrive earlier each evening, and gardens seem to revel in the final days of their summer glory. Our hearts beg us to enjoy each sunshiny day while it lasts, but our minds are beginning to look ahead to what lies around the bend in the road.

Whether you have a least favorite time of year or not, we all go through those days where we just can’t seem to find contentment. Some find peace through relaxation, but I find happiness in planning simple summer pleasures and scattering them throughout my week. My family and I have already experienced an abundance of them these past few weeks and have planned even more as we prepare to walk through this month with grace and happiness.

To give you an idea of what these scattered moments look like, I’d like to share the adventures that my Mom, sister and I had on our weekend trip to grandma’s house. Our story begins on Saturday, after enjoying a hard day of work at the store. We closed up shop, grabbed our bags, climbed into our carefully-inspected, road-ready vehicle (thanks daddy), and we were off! The three and a half hour car drive that used drag on endlessly for us kids flew by quickly in a series of life chats, silent reflections, and salads and sundaes enjoyed outdoors at Culver’s in Hutchinson. We arrived at grandmas in time for a quick debriefing in the kitchen before snuggling into our cozy beds for the evening.

Sunday morning dawned bright and early. We joined a small but strong number of friends for church in the wee hours of the day and delighted in the joys of mass in the beautiful church where my Mama grew up. Grandma cooked a delicious breakfast back home before we went our separate ways for the day. Alex and Grandpa Dave were off to a baseball game while Grandma, Mom, and I made our way to Mankato for a day of shopping. We had a rather successful time of it. Several thrift store finds (including a three-drawer dresser, sweet vintage teacups, and photo display) are going to accompany me to school in a few weeks after receiving a bit of TLC. Some coffee replenished our energy and strengthened us to continue our search for the best deals in home and dorm décor. The afternoon became rainy and with little room in the vehicle to fit much else, we headed back to join Alex and Grandpa for a quiet evening. To make a wonderful day even better, a glorious sunset and rainbow graced the sky when Alex and I took our little stroll around town. It was such a sweet promise to bring us rest after a full day.

We headed home Monday morning after an intense car re-packing session (that nearly resulted in G&G adopting me for the week)! Road construction detoured us to New Ulm and we gushed over the quilt stores and boutiques of this little German town. After some tasty wraps and coffee (a Nutty Irishwoman, anybody?) at Lola’s, we set off again. A few quick stops in St. Cloud ended with us stopping to see my brother’s new apartment and share a meal with him. At last we pulled into the driveway of our sweet home with a full vehicle and fuller hearts from the time we had shared together.

The rest of our month includes more sweet escapades to cute little towns and school shopping, as well as the simple summer pleasures of “porching” and diving into good books. It is becoming too easy to just count the days, which is why we are going to be intentional about making the days count. Let’s take some advice from Anne and enjoy the nicest and sweetest of days that we still have left!  -Kate

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