Father’s Day Thoughts …


With Father’s Day just around the corner, my dad is due for some sweet words in his honor:

My dad is one of the most compassionate and thoughtful people I know. He constantly does little things to let us know that he cares. From filling up my car with gas when he takes it for a quick trip to town to bringing Gatorade to my tennis meets, he is forever thinking of others. Before every road trip, my dad always checks out our vehicles to make sure that the wheels meet his standards and will safely guide us to our destination.

As far as being a handy man, my dad is the fixer-upper we can’t live without. Every electronic item in our household has broken down at some point in its existence and been resurrected to working order again with his care. He has rebuilt computers, assembled vehicle engines, and even spent time  fixing our shower. Without his vast mechanical knowledge of how things work, our household would be in a constant state of chaos and disarray.

Hunting weekends and lake days have always been time well spent with my dad. Some of my best memories with my dad have been eating cheese sticks at seven in the morning while knitting a scarf in our hunting shack (I was that daughter), four-wheeling through the woods together, and finally learning to stand up on water skis through his persistent encouragement. Though we have put in our time waiting for him to be ready to begin our adventures, his preparedness for all situations has saved us more than once.

My dad was very busy with work when we were younger, and often our only time with him was late in the evenings. Through high school, he remained a loyal and dedicated fan for each of his children. Every single tennis match, softball game, concert, and play I ever had, he was there. He never told me what I had done wrong or could have done better. He simply loved me and supported me in everything.

What a blessing this man has been in my life! We are looking forward to spending some time with our family this weekend and enjoying the sunshine and warmth of summer together. Whether you are going fishing or to the Twins game, writing a letter or making a phone call to your dad, I encourage you to let him know what he means to you! – Kate

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