From Horrible to Adorable



My sweet sister is spending her hours this summer hanging out with preschoolers and wielding a painter’s brush (not at the same time). Though she claims to love both equally, my mama and I fear that we will lose her service one day to the small children that she teaches. In spite of her mixed commitments, her painting skills are growing at exponential rates.

An astounding amount of projects have been dusted from the recesses of our storage, envisioned to become something greater, and transformed by Alex from something horrible to adorable. Furniture ideas and re-purposing aspirations between her and mom are endless. But the question of what to do with a mid-century chair has remained a bit of an enigma.

The dated fabric and battered wood finish could easily cause a passerby to mistake the chair for trash. But upon closer inspection, this chair has great potential to become a pretty perch for someone.

Overwhelmed by the possibilities that surround this chair, Alex is seeking your opinions!


Should she choose “Blossom White” paint and cover the seat with a coral chevron fabric?


Or would a classic “Canyon Black” and toile best suit this chair?


How about a “Ribbit!” green with damask designs?


We are taking your votes over the course of the week! Leave a comment or stop in the store to let us know what direction Alex should take to complete another “Horrible to Adorable” transformation! We will let you know the results and post “After” pictures in the coming weeks – Thanks for your help! – Kate

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