Independence Day


Without much of a chance to comprehend where the past four weeks of summer have gone, the Fourth of July is upon us. It seems the holiday weekend has crept up without warning. Just like that, your visions of a classic summer celebration, complete with all the ruffles and Pinterest-perfect complements, have been dashed . . . or maybe not. Here are some ideas that may help you enjoy this Friday’s holiday whether you have been preparing for weeks or just since you started reading this blog.

Host an old time baseball game. Gather friends and family to enjoy this classic American sport in a new (or old) way. Play by the rules used in 1860, like they do at St. Olaf College each July 4th.  The rules are as follows: no gloves necessary; if the ball is caught on the first bounce, the batter is out; no umpire to call balls or strikes (though batter can still strike out after three swings and misses); foul balls are not strikes; and if base runners overrun first, they can be tagged out.

For an easy food and decoration combo, serve blue M&M’s, white chocolate covered pretzels, and red licorice. Show off your patriotic colors by displaying these sweet treats in hurricane jars and other clear vases.

If you are looking for a dessert to cool everyone down try a no-bake watermelon cake! Cut your watermelon in a cylinder shape, cover with whipped cream, and decorate with berries, almonds, or granola. Make a flag design or star shape if you’re feeling creative. It’s healthy and relatively easy to prepare!

For your table, round up mismatched white chairs and blue dishes combined with some Old Glory’s in a vase to create a patriotic atmosphere for a meal. Simple details like colorful flowers and a vintage bicycle will add unique and whimsical accents to your table setting.

Need an extra pop of color somewhere? Use red, white and blue bandanas as your go-to item. They are useful for table runners, napkins, or a punch of color in clear glass jars with silverware for your table. They are simple to wash and functional in many ways.

Whatever your plans for the holiday, I wish you a Happy and Safe Independence Day! – Kate

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