Spring is in the Air

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Spring is coming! I am feeling very hopeful of this, especially with the beautiful 40 degree days we enjoyed only a few weeks ago.  As long as it stays above freezing, we have hope that spring will soon arrive for good.

Even with the sunshine beginning to stream into our homes and lives once more, we know what the cloudy and slushy days can do to our spirits. Here are a few ideas for restoring hope and joy in spring:

-Fill your mind with good things. These past few weeks, Mama and I have been enjoying Karen Kingsbury novels and the “Love Comes Softly” movie series. In a world where literature and film can sometimes make you feel emotionally drained, these are certain to rejuvenate you!
-Share. Bring colorful doughnuts to work or school. Sort through your wardrobe and donate clothing you don’t wear anymore. Cleaning + helping others = pretty great day.
-Create something. Find a use for those old mason jars in your basement. Make an organizational piece for the winter attire you hope to send away soon. Check out Pinterest for some ideas to get you started.
-Look to the future. Whether you have a vacation coming up or are beginning to make plans for a graduation or other celebration, get excited about something! It is never too early to start planning.
-If you have been blessed with small children in your life, spend time with them! Take them to the library for an afternoon or out for an ice cream date. Smile at their giggles and stories and enjoy the perspective of spring from a four-year old.
-Get your sunlight! Oranges, Vitamin D, well-lit porches, whatever you must do. When you find light and sun somewhere, stay close to it and enjoy its warmth.
-Start egg carton seedlings. Place them on your windowsill and watch them grow day by day. Begin planning your garden and all the blooms to come.
-Get out of the house. Go for a walk, breathing in the fresh air. If you feel brave, go without mittens or a hat. Soak in the sights and smells of springtime.
-Be grateful. Start a gratitude journal and write about something every day. You are blessed when you view all your circumstances as blessings.
Happy Spring to all of you!  -Kate

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