What is that Lighthouse? And Other FAQ’s (Frequently Addressed Quandaries)


The past 11 years have seen our family grow in the art of public relations as we learned how to delicately answer all sorts of questions. An analysis of the types of questions asked at our cash register over this decade reveals the variety of inquiries pondered by our visitors. As a junior-high-aged coffee shop attendant in the Timber House, I recall a number of questions that worried my young soul with privacy concerns (though in retrospect, the questioners must assuredly have asked with kind intentions). A common day of work might require me to face the intimate inquiries of my name, age (“Are you really old enough to work here?”), school, and even which bedroom in the house is mine!

As the youngest employee at Crooked Willow, I imagine my senior co-workers might not have been asked such personal questions. But we all share a laugh over the questions we could answer in our sleep from repetition. Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions:

What is that round building/lighthouse? Can we go inside?

Our silo has a sitting area up at the top and because of safety concerns we do not allow our customers to go inside. However, you can check out our Facebook page to see the view from the top.

How long has Crooked Willow been open?

Eleven years. (That long? I drive past here all the time, but you’re never open!) Actually our schedule has always been pretty consistent open Monday through Saturday from 10-5 in the summer and Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10-5 during the months of September through December.

What is that old building behind the Trapper’s Lodge?

Our schoolhouse is the old “English Grove School” it was from District 97. The boys and girls each had a separate entrance, which is why there are two doors on the school!

We used to be able to shop in the house – why isn’t it open anymore?

We live in the house now. If you go in you would most likely be greeted by a pile of laundry and a sink full of dirty dishes!

Where did that staircase in the barn come from?

It came from a house in Pennsylvania and we found it at a salvage shop in the Twin Cities. The stain glass windows in the Barn were in the same house – they would have been located on the stairway landing.

Tell me about this stove.

Our stove is as old as it looks. It began as a wood stove and we had it converted to electric. Yes, it works!

And the most popular question of the year:

Why is this your last season? What will you do next?

After 11 years, our family is ready for something new! We will continue living at Crooked Willow, but we will no longer be a retail business. We look forward to the next chapter and pursuing new endeavors, but we are not ready to share our plans just yet.

40% off to anyone who can ask us something we’ve never heard before! – Kate              

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