Wisdom for the Season

Last Friday was a day that I had been simultaneously looking forward to and dreading for months. Twenty minutes after waking up, with no reason to look cute and no permission to have breakfast, mom and I were headed to town. When we arrived at Centrasota, the people were friendly but that didn’t stop my heartbeat from echoing loudly through the room as monitors were attached to my arms and chest. The laughing gas made me dizzy and once I closed my eyes, I knew it was over.

I woke up in a cozy room, stretched out on a little bed. If I had had the jaw capacity to smile, I probably would have, because I had made it through my first surgery. How could I have ever known that getting my wisdom teeth out would help me understand some of life’s biggest lessons?

As a girl who is constantly on the go, the past four days have been simply odd. The living room has become my “Katie Nest”, scattered with Karen Kingsbury books, College Government notes, the Love Comes Softly movie series, half-melted ice packs, Gatorade bottles, and my favorite blankets. My agenda book has sat forlornly on my desk, unopened and unneeded for days. For someone once so neat and organized, this itself has been strange.

Tiredness from the pain medication has drained most of my desire to be productive as well. On Saturday alone, I took FOUR naps. (My mother tells me I stopped taking them when I was three years old, so I would say this is quite a change for me.) I even fell asleep when one of my friends came over to keep me company! When I wasn’t resting, I struggled through school assignments. I did finish enough homework to attend afternoon classes on Monday, but anticipate some extra work later this week.

Had I known that this is what my weekend would consist of, I think I would have been much less insistent on having the surgery in the middle of my senior year. Between everything going on, I would have argued that the timing would never have worked out. Strangely enough, I think the timing was a blessing. In between seasons, right before softball and Lent start and the final stretch of the year gets under way, this was the perfect break. The optimal time to catch up on sleep, read books and simply relax.

This weekend, I really found out how blessed I am by the people in my life. The text messages and phone calls from my nearest and dearest have been simply sweet. One friend came over Saturday night with ice cream, chicken noodle soup, movies and encouraging words to keep me going through the weekend. Another made me pudding on Sunday and waited very patiently for half an hour while I finished my supper. (Spaghetti on the third day? Not as easy as it sounds.) My parents have been absolute gems, keeping the fire going in the living room, refilling my ice-packs and apple juices (even though my legs work just fine) and simply praying with me. My friends and family are skilled at doing little things with great love. I am touched by their kindness and gentleness with me.

It struck me the other day how Jesus wants us to spend time in His Presence every day, throwing our concerns and to-do lists to the side and just being with Him. It’s a lot easier to just pencil Him into your schedule though and keep madly running around afterwards, like Martha in the story of Mary and Martha. Instead, He wants us to be like Mary, content to just be with Him and not concerned with anything else. You may not have the opportunity/privilege to do nothing for four days like me, but I encourage you to make time for yourself, no matter how busy your schedule is. With spring on the way, it’s easy to get wrapped up in all the winter things we were going to get done and everything else we want to accomplish. May I suggest that you focus on the things that must get done, make time for yourself and enjoy each moment. Don’t rush this season of life you are in, because you are anxious for the next one to begin. God’s Blessings to you All ~Kate

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